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Not bad. But there is room for improvemnet.

I suggest to eliminate the paper thingie (at least from the muffler side with the tip. Most of all because the one you made doesn't seem too stable and my guess is that a slight touch will rip the tip and/or the paper plug off. I would cut the thinner straw quite a bit longer so that it could be inserted into the thicker straw. Now the part of the thinner straw is wrapped in, e.g., masking tape so that the thickness of the tape + thin straw is the same as the inside diameter of the thicker straw. Now insert the straw wrapped in tape into the thick straw and glue it in place. You might aslo want to "plug" the end of the thin straw that goes inside the thick one so that you can't look oo far inside This version seems a bit more stable. Is anything I wrote here understandible at all??? Anyway, this should aslo work with aluminium/brass/wahtever tubing that you can get at your hobby store.

Oh, and RG, does your camera have a manual focus capability? You should be able to take clearer pics using that function.


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