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Drinking straw exhausts INSTRUCTIONS

Well, i figured i'd do this so i don't have to email 1000 copies. Here they are, read them carefully:

-A large diameter straw
-A smaller diameter straw
-Crazy glue (hold best for these)
-Computer paper or maybe a little bit stronger paper

1. Cut the big straw to a little smaller than an inch. This will be the exhaust can. Next, cut the smaller straw as long as you want, to form the tip. Look at the pics for reference.

2. Trace the circle at the end of the big straw on your paper and cut it out. This will be the top of the can, where the tip attaches. Put some glue on the edges of the cut out circle, and attach to the end of the large straw. You can put one on the back if you want. The circle in the picture is cut out, and the next picture is the completed exhaust can with the cap on. (I used the macro setting on my camera, but its still blurry in these, but you will get the idea)

3. Take the tip you cut from the small straw, and glue it to the top of the exaust can. Now all it needs is paint. Look at pictures below for reference.

Completed: (I used the yellow thing to hold it while painting)

If you need anymore help, or just want to say anything, post it! I hope this helps guys but don't forget that practice makes pefect. It took me a while to get these right.

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