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Re: Decanting spray paint for airbrushing

Originally Posted by D_LaMz
Also, would you have to thin the paint to use in the airbrush?
You might; depends on the paint. I usually add a few drops of Tamiya lacquer thinner (seems identical to Gunze/Mr. Hobby Mr. Color thinner) or Mr. Color Thinner when shooting Tamiya TS paints; though more by habit as the last time I shot some I didn't thin it, and it came out great.

This is a killer method of getting the last drops of paint out of a paint can! You would be amazed how much good, useable paint remains in a nearly-empty can that's not spraying too well anymore. Since I've started decanting Tamiya sprays and airbrushing them, I'm getting a LOT more mileage from the paint.
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