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Revell 2003 Hummer H2

awsome kit. but huge, prohibably the biggest 1:25 scale kit I've ever bought that was'nt a semi.

Body is perfect on this. they got every detail. The molding and engraving is excellent. and its stock, except for the wheels. which are huge. 26". I have 1:18 cars that have smaller wheels lol. The kit represents a 2003 version. The only way I can tell the difference is that that the logo on the steering wheel just says Hummer. unlike the 04-05 which say H2.

The interior is excellent. except for one thing. there no stock third seat. but the third row of seats are removable and optional in the 1:1 so leaving it out is'nt a big issue. the only option is a speaker box. which is just like the one in the Revell Escallade.

The chassis and underbody is just like the recent Revell kits. seperate suspension and exhaust. its a curbside converting it to stock would be an issue becouse it has a lowered suspension, I would recommend getting the diecast Revell H2 becouse it has the stock suspension and wheels.

The crome is very nice on this kit but its too shinny. a good coat of dull coat should take care of that.

I give Revell a 9/10 for this kit. they'd get a 10/10 if they would've included a stock suspension at least. and a 11/10 if they had stock wheels with stock suspension. this is deffinently an awsome kit. and I give Revell credit for decided to release it in plastic. I thing with gas prices as high as they are that Revell will sell a ton of these. for people who want to buy the 1:1...but can't afford the gas.

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