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Re: KIT REVIEWS....Look in here to see other modellers veiws on kits


very poor design imediatly noticed lack of inner door trimmings and worst of all this thing isnt even 4wd..
its plain rwd with molded exhaust till half way.complete undercaraige that looks nothing alike an no rear wheel steering completely wrong suspension and oil pan.. interier is very acurate not highly detailed but still acurate with exeption of door trims which as stated before are as good as not there.. rear speakers on parcel shelf is inacurate aswell..
body seems fairly good except there are no indicators on the front gaurds an no nissan badge for the bonnet other than that front bar and shell seems pretty good. wheels are alright exept the need some shaving on the inside to get them all to sit flush inside the body when lowered a bitbrakes are good exept a drilled not slotted an vented calipers are right size to 2 pot not 4.. both front and rear clamp on 1 side only rather that a even pots on either side coil over suspension seems accurate.
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