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Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO

HI since about one year of non-reply-time-for I decide to come back again to show you what I've done in one hour.

My father woke up me with the gto box in my face. After read wath I can I begin to built it 10 minutes later.

The box art show a good GTo drift machines with the Rhys Millen car with great bumbers, wheels and wing.

after opening the box checking what's inside I wasn't happy like at beginning. The engine don't look good for the drift car detail and mod

Polar light don't provide the good wheel for D1 racer and certainly don't fit perfectly at the right heigth

The body show good atention to the quality of the paint.

but the bumper doesn't correspond with the depicted car either in front and rear

the chassis look good but simple and with an extras work here and there it would be nice to show it

the interior show simple engravement and not accurate for the race car
its without roll cage or racing seat and its easy to built it clean

In overall for a good modeler its a great need-to-be modifiable kit.

7 out of 10 for it

enjoy a detailled thread on it later!
I'm Back for now
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