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Fujimi S13 Silvia Touge

before you read this, there is another review of Fujimi's S13 in this thread, it is by "Layla's Keeper". but it is more of a comparison of fujimi's and Tamiya's.

this review is of the Fujimi Nissan Silvia S-13 Touge version

upon opening the box we are greeted to a nice amount of parts. four trees of black parts, one clear tree, and one chrome tree (wheels and exhaust tip). the main part though that the touge kit contains, is the decal sheet; it has the normal badges, but also has an assortment of tuning companies and other JDM businesses, ENDLESS, OPTION, 5ZIGEN and a few more.

all of the parts look quite nicely moulded, yes there is a bit of flashing on some parts (the suspension springs mostly) but these can be cleaned up fairly easily. If you are lucky (like I was) you will find a custom front bumper, and a GT wing (it looks more like a high mount stock wing).

upon assembly we find that the suspension goes together very well, and sits solid and level. as well as this the suspension looks very nicely detailed, especially the rear suspension. the interior seems to fit nicely together, but not as well as the underside. the door panels are bland, but the dash is nicely detailed. the only real flaws in the interior are; the seats have no back and are flat (no simulated wrinkles for leather), and the dash leaves a small gap (about 1mm) where it joins the console. the body is nice looking and has decent details, one gripe is that the headlight housing is flat, and that will make it harder to look more real. the bumpers are just as nicely moulded as the body, but the tuning bumper sits lower than the rest of the car and looks strange (side skirts and a rear apron will fix this)

all in all this is an enjoyable kit to build, it is fairly simple to build, but also allows for that little bit of extra care to make a very nice model indeed.

ease of building: 7/10
Detail: 7/10
enjoyability: 9/10

overall: 7.7/10

my current project: Nissan S-13 Silvia
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