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ARII '77 Celica Coupe 1/24

ARII '77 Celica Coupe (Owners Club Series)
First off this model represents a 2nd generation Celica (RA4) which was introduced as a 1978 model. This car would represent either a 1978 or 1979 but not a 1977 which kinda looks like a scaled down late 60's Mustang. Also the model is probably closer to 1/23 scale when the dimensions are compared to my 1978 Celica Liftback.

Body: This is the best part of the kit I would give it an 7 out of 10. The leading edge of the doors are canted a bit too far forward at the top and the gas door is too rectangular, but other than that it is a pretty decent 1/23 scale representation.

Engine: None (curbside)

Chassis: I've seen better engraving on the underside of Tonka trucks. Huge opening strategically placed in the center to accomidate batteries if you wish. a 0 out of 10 is generous. Flat plastic would be a serious improvement. Wheels are pretty nice replicas of the optional spoked alloys and I've seen worse tires but nothing could improve the rating of this chassis.

Interior: The worst I have ever seen, it is sort of like the typical interior in a Matchbox car only bigger. It is only 1/2" deep so it will not interfere with the important battery compartment and the "seats" are molded in place. The only piece you might be able to use is the RHD dash which appears to have been engraved by hand with a #11 X-acto knife blade. I give the interior a 2 out of 10 since the one piece glass can be blacked out sparing anyone from actually seeing this mess.

In conclusion, If you are looking for a great kit, look elsewhere, but if you are a huge fan of the second gen Celica, this is the only kit that I know of other than the out of production 1/20 Imex kit. While a bit on the large side, the body would be a good basis for a racer or a tuner unlike any other on the contest table.
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