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Re: KIT REVIEWS....Look in here to see other modellers veiws on kits

Revell Chevrolet SSR

"An Amercian Revolution." What an oxymoron. The new Chevy Aveo? Korean made. The Chevy Colorado with a 5 cyl engine? Doesnt seem too "Americany" to me. Pontiac GTO? Australian. Everything else? Pretty much Canadian. If their is one thing that could save the General's most popular make, it could be the SSR.

When i first saw some 3-D renderings of the SSR my first words were "HOLY SHIT" Noting has really sparked my attention since the killing of the F-Body, and this was like a wake up call. It was everything i liked. Sexy, yet muscular curves, big and wide tires, and an almost big V8. Maybe a Viper Killer? What seemed to be a hero, turned out to be an almost zero. Truthfully, i really dont like the production version. It recived the underpowered 300 horsepower 5.3 liter Vortec, which rockets the SSR to 60 MPH in 7 seconds (wooo...), the curves were toned down a bit. I think alot of us were especially let down with the 40K+ Price tag.

Enter the Revell SSR. This was a nice change of pace for my builds. Although not a fan of the real thing, i still enjoyed the smaller version of it.

The body of the kit is especually smooth, with only 2 parting lines, above the rear fender. It comes with 5 seperate pieces. The left and right lower rocker panels, front, and rear bumpers. It also comes with the optional fold down steel roof and bed cover. It comes with a choice of two body decals. a set of dual white racing stripes-something like what you would find on a Viper, and some nice suttle black pinstripes The way the hood hinges is also very unique, and i like it. It gets hinges at the bottom of the A-Pillar and a set of trianguler hinges next to the cowl.

Under the 40s and 50s reminicent hood is the underpowerd 5.3Liter Vortec V8's Theirs not much room for modificatons in the engine bay, but as is, the engine is nicly detailed. The air intake alone consists of 3 parts, and if the thought of dropping in an LS1 in their ever crossed your mind, your not alone.

The interior is beautifully detailed. It somes with a sepeate glass cover for the gauge pod, with gauge decals, and decals for the HVAN controlls. It comes with a nice chrome shifter, and decals for the gear selection. The seats are also nice, unlike the cheap stuff by AMT.

The chassis is also nice and detailed. The rear end suspension alone consists of several parts. The wheels are held on by metal pins, much like the Revell Integra and Civic. The brakes are lesser detailed, but get the job done. The chrome 19" front wheels and 20" back wheels, are wrapped with nicely detailed tires (unlike the cheaper plastc like tires found in other kits) The exhaust tips are from the ITR and Civic kits-metal.

Problems? I had a few. I installed the chrome door handles on before the rubbing compund. Needles to say the rubbing compund stripped the chrome right off. The same happened to the front bar. Not to mention the bar doesnt have the same curveature as the body. Also, i kept getting the front wheels stuck, and when they finally got loose they did just that, they got loose, giving it the effect it had some camber.

Value? Tamiya quality on a Revell box? Close but no cigar. With the few problems i had, and with a price tag of $12, i'd say its damn worth it.

Accuracy: How am i supposed to know? lol
Fit&Finish: 2/2
Detail: 1.5/1.5
Options: 1/1.5
Value: 2/2
Final Verdict: 8.5/10
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