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Re: KIT REVIEWS....Look in here to see other modellers veiws on kits

Revell 1987-1993 Mustang GT Convertable (Although no date specified, this is the correct model for those years [probably 80's due to the fact it came with the Turbone wheels rather then the popualr 90's Ponys]..)

The 1980's. What can i say, it was just a little Although their music rocked! Of course, the automotive field was slowly, but surly advancing onto the next step of performance, with the exceptions of names like Festiva, Escort, Chevette, Colt and Horizon, the big 3 were all doing pretty well in the sports car field. (Of course GM had the fastest car after 1984 )Dodge had their Turbo 4's, GM had the L98, and Ford had their 302 Mustang (AKA THE FOX). The 302, probably one of the most popualar powerplants-ever.

In about mid year of 1986, the performance world changed. Ford introduced their 302 Roller Camshaft V8. This engine blew the pre 1985 302's out of the water. (well..stock atleast) 1986: 185 HP 1987: 225 HP. A MAJOR BOOST! The 302 Roller went into almost every RWD Ford. The 302 Roller blew away the Z28's with their measley 180 HP 305.

Revell has created many version fo the Fox Body Mustangs, probably one of their most lasting/popualr designs. Among them were the 86 SVO, 84 Convertable GT, 79 Cobra, 87-93(?) GT Convertable, and their 93 Cobra. The kit itself is pretty detailed, has excelent fit, and looks great when completed. (Note: Review is on the LOWRIDER KIT. THE LOWRIDER KIT DOES NOT COME WITH STOCK TIRES-ALTHOUGH IT DOES COME WITH THE CORRECT TURBINE MAG WHEELS-TIRES RECCOMENDED FOR STOCK APPLICATION ARE THE UNIVERSAL REVELL GOODYEAR EAGLE VR50'S FOUND IN: 84 CORVETTE, THUNDERBIRD TC AND SC, AND GRAND PRIX MODELS!)

The engine-as mentioned before-is one of the better 80's engines that powered the 80's due to the fact of ease of tune and mods avaible. The engine correctly depicts the 302 HO Roller engine, although it does have a chrome intake manifold and chrome water pump. Although "detail masters" might have a rpoblem with the distibutor cover trying to wire it up! Suprisingly, if you happen to have the Revell Saleen SN95 Mustang Convertable kit avaible, use the supercharger. In fact, its a "direct bolt on". Use the belts/pullies/alt/pumps/blower that came with the SN95 kit, and it will fit directly on the stock Fox Mustang water pump/front engine "cover."

Unfortunatly the chassis is a minor let down, when compared to other revell kits. The chassis has no fenders what so ever. If you run with the stock VR50 Tires, their wil be a gap in the chassis and the interior tub, allowing you to see "through" the car, above the tires. Some crafty work could solve this problem. Also the front subframe-which is still molded to main chassis-might not want to stay attached to the body. The suspension is a one piece unit, front and rear (minus the shocks) The rear coil springs are molded to the arms/beams, and in no way resemble a coil spring. Sme with the front. Just little stubs act as coil. The chassis is also too thin! It doesnt meet all the way to the lower rocker panels, leaving a 1 cm gap.

The interior is nicly detailed, especially the dashboard, with the HVAC and sterio seeable. It comes with a seperate gauge pod too. Unfortunatly, the pedals, center console, and handbrake are all molded into the interior tub. The shifter also looks like..well..a gob of plastic. You'll want to change this for an AMT Shifter. I used a shifter from an AMT 92 Camaro RS/Z28. The steering wheel is also nicley detailed, it even includes the cruise controll buttons.

The body is also nice. Although i wish it came with a seperate GT Body kit (like AMT's 87 kit), their still is hope for you LX 5.0 Fans-the AFX Scale Resin LX Notchback body.. The big bulky side mirrors make for an easy install, Unfortunaly, the front facia and fenders might nit always align up perfectly. It alsocomes with the lame looking trunk racks! The tail lights have a cover, which on the 1:1 car are the body color. Unfortunatly, revell made the tail lights one piece-molded in red! It also comes with a convertable top, up or dwon

My Mustang!:
All the problems above-i somewhat fixed. Some actually simple. Under the hood..well..speaking of the hood, i swapped it out using the AFX Scale Resin cowl induction hood! Very nice indeed. I also used sewing needles as hood pins and thread for the pins themselvs. Anyways, i used the stock 302 block, and went from there. I started out by swapping the chrome valve covers out for Perrys Resin Edelbrock valve covers. Then i replaced the distributor, with a standard distributor, with out the cover/boot. Wired that up easily with a pin vise. I was also able to wire up the HVAC Hoses, fuel lines, brake lines, smog controll lines, and even wired up a complete nitrous system (was hard to find all the little bits and piece required for a NOS kit!) I also added a large-bore EGR Tube, and a conical filter from Revells ITR. Inside, i stripped the interior, built a half-cage, installed a harness system, tach with a shift light from the AMT FNF Supra, and a seat from a Fujimi R32 Skyline. I also put the nitrous bottle where the passenger seat went. Out back i decided to use the center trunk rack pieces, and also used a 94 GT Spoiler. A Nice little touch. For the empty space above the tires i used larger ones! Slicks from an old NASCAR kit will do. For wheels i used AFX Scale Resin Drag Lites.

-Mustangs of this era almost all have fogged hazy headlights. To replicate this "reaslism" just spray some clear coat over them, for the "used" look!
-Be careful getting the window in, its a really thin-easy-to-break-piece.

Using the Laylas Keeper scale:
Accuracy: 2.5/3
Fit&Finish: 1.5/2
Detail: 1/1.5
Options: 1.5/1.5
Value: 2/2
Final Verdict: 8.5/10
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