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a review for current stock Tamiya Toyota celice kits, 1986-2000

1986-1989 Celica

great kit, interior is very well done, but is the lowest detail of the current three celica's though. well done 5sp shifter. but low door panel detail take away from the motor

The body is soo cool on this kit, working headlights. but they are easy to break. and must be handled carefully. all the details on the body are very crisp. with alot of detail through out it

THe chassis is very good. the front and wheel wheel assembly is simplified, but the kit still has a seperate exhaust.


1990-1993 Celica

Photo of actual model not found

The rarest of all the Tamiya Celica kits. interior is fairly well detailed. left and right hand drive. but it has the JDM steering wheel. to make an accurate U.S. style steering wheel you'll need the steering wheel from the Tamiya 94-99 Celica. 5sp tranny. with the nice racing style bucket seat.

the body on this model is also very well done. sperate rear spoiler. seperate headlight assembly which makes painting it very easy. also includes the JDM, and American mirrors, a fantastic touch,

the chassis is tipical Tamiya, with the typical setup, but it as a seperate gas tank. which makes painting very easy.

I give this kit a 9/10

1994-1999 Celica.

The only full detail Celica kit from Tamiya, also available in GT-Four trim. I wanted to throw this kit accross the room several times. terrible chassis fit. terrible engine details

The interior is pretty well done. Left and right hand drive steering. 5sp manual tranny. well detailed dashes. with even marking for the CD player.

The chassis is the high mark of this kit, very well done, also nice to see that it was molded in red with the body. makes painting it accurately easy.

the wheels are also very well done. accurate 15" aluminum wheels, and disk brakes.

Front clip is not molded to the chassis, but I accidently glued the front clip to the chassis for painting. which made foiling the headlight almost impossible.

I give this kit a 6.5/10 becouse of the low engine detail, and bad chassis fit.

2000-2002 Celica.

My favorite of all the Celica kits. by far the best detail. the interioir has left and right hand steering. and has a choice between auto, and 5sp (the kit represents a GT, the GTS has the 6sp) The door panel detail is fantastically detailed, right down to the power window and door lock controls. dash is beutiful. every single detail is there.

The body is great. they got the lines of the Celica perfectly. it also got Tamiya's fantastic metal transfers. which look so realistic when applied to the kit.

The chassis is again, typical Tamiya. seperate exhaust. and well detailed engine, which gets covered up by the brush guard (have no clue what they call that).

The wheel are 15", alloy wheels, replicating a GT wheel. (GTS has 16" 5 spoke wheels).

another great touch is the mask for the windows, without it, its a pain in the butt to paint it.

I give this kit a 10/10, by far the best.

I still have a couple Celica's to get, and i'll update this thread when I get them.
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