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Re: KIT REVIEWS....Look in here to see other modellers veiws on kits

Revell Acura Integra Type R

The Acura Integra has become one of the most popular modified cars. As it’s cheap, and makes about 140HP, depending on which version you get. Weather it be LS, GS, GSR, or Type R, they all come with a 1.8L 4cyl. Revell has introduced the Integra Type R, which comes with its 180HP 1.8L 4cyl.

This is a truly Revell’s finest attempt at making a model car. This car has so many options its mind blowing. But yet, it goes together with such ease. The Type R comes with 4 different wheels, with rubber band like Toyo Proxy tires. It comes with a BBS like 2-piece mesh rim, a 5-spoke rim, or a rim with 12 or so spokes (not sure off the top of my head) it also comes with the stock gunmetal Type R rims. It also comes with 3 spoilers, a GSR like spoiler, a stock Type R spoiler, and an Invader like spoiler. It comes with 2 front lips also. The stock Type R one, or a modified, bigger front lip. It also comes with a longer rear bumper, or the stock one.

The engine is pretty detailed, which Revell is known for making detailed engines. The 1.8 is crisply molded with a separately molded transmission. The car comes with a custom exhaust header, chrome plated, but mot very detailed, intake manifold, and a cold air intake. The engine bay also has tons of details on its fender wells. It also comes with a separate firewall, and radiator. I actually found enough room to drop in a front mount intercooler, and a Turbo in there. A good ideal, though, you might want to change the engine top, from the molded gray one, for the chrome plated Civic Si top, which fits much better.

The interior molded in gray, comes with the option of stock, or white face gauges, and crisply molded seats. It also comes with separate side panels. A nice feature for this kit is it comes with a separate gauge pod cover, this way you don’t have to fiddle around with the decal trying to get it straight. It comes with a separate handbrake (unlike most revell’s like ive seen), and a separate center armrest.

The suspension is also a work of art-for revell at least. It comes with separately molded brakes, separate tie rod, spindles, and lower a-arms. The wheels are also attached with metal pins, with female rims, like Fujimi cars. Out back, it comes with a nicely molded one-piece rear end, with the stabilizer bar molded in. The car also comes with a chrome-plated exhaust, which is a nice modifier touch. It also comes with a nice muffler, and a metal exhaust tip. Unfortunately, the front end may give a little camber-drifter like style-and camber on FWD cars isn’t exactly a good idea.

The body is where it starts to get scary. In the front it comes with mold lines on the front side bumpers, which I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. The back bumper doesn’t seem to curve in contour wi9th the body. It also has some dimples in the back fascia part of the bumper. The biggest problem, is their are some big dimples in the rear quarter panels

Value of this kit is exceptionally good, with a price of about $12.99, you cant beat it, as their are so many options, and many different left over parts, that can go on other cars. This kit is great for the beginner, or professional, as it is much fun to build, with its oh-so-many options. I built my kit with a pair of Racing Hart C-2 rims my XSTuning..

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