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Tamiya Rx-7 R1

This is definately one of the most popular japanese performance cars out there, and this kit really reflects the smooth streaks of this powerful twin turbo rotary monster.

Accuracy of model to the actual car:
Here in Australia we have quite a few Series 6 Rx7s driving around, and everytime I see one, I imagine my car and I notice that the car really is spot on. Even the ride height seems to be spot on to the actual car. The decals included in this kit are for Mazda, and not the Japanese tagged Enfini. The detail of this kit follows through from the molded Rx-7 logo on the back of the car to the Mazda molded into the front break calipers. The engine bay looks very good as well, however there are some fitting problems of the airbox part to the rotary housing. However this isn't very noticable. Also, this car comes with parts for both LHD and RHD steering
I give this car 9/10 for accuracy and detail

This was my first car, and without a doubt it was a joy to build. Through and Through. Like every model however, the exhaust is peashooter size, so I thought I'd make my own out of plastic straws. I reckon they look alright but you be the judge of that. Everything fits together nicely, except the rear window. I am not sure if its only my model, but it is a bit irritating to look at. I am sure its easily fixed, but I didn't have the experience to do . The chassis fits perfectly to the body! No sanding necessary. However it doesn't have any clips or similar to fasten the body to the chassis, so if you are a person who doesn't want to glue on the car, this kit should only be in a display box, and far away from people who want to lift it up . Bonnet is also a perfect fit and no sanding has to be done here. Of course, this being a 10 year old kit or so, it has the usual mold lines from the front bumper over the roof to the rear bumper. This is easily sanded off and even heavy sanding won't damage the detail of the car.
I give this car a 9/10 for build.

Final Thought:
AMAZING. Thats the only word to explain it. My particular car is black, so it attracts quite a bit of visible dust. This however doesn't make it any different. Looking at the car next to my computer makes me feel comfortable with myself. I know this car is not perfect, far from it (as in my modeling capabilities). It's just something about the rx-7 that I have always loved. The aggressive curves, the sporty look. The famous 13b rotary engine. This kit encompasses the feel of the car perfectly. Definately a must have for any serious perfomance car enthusiast.

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