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Re: KIT REVIEWS....Look in here to see other modellers veiws on kits

If you like low-riders, you obviously know about the 64’ Impala SS… for years people have been customizing these cars… some of the custom work is the use of hydraulics, chrome trim, candy paints, and custom airbrushed paint jobs… all of which have been replicated in this great kit by revell for a moderate price. This is defiantly one of Revell’s finest efforts in 1/25 scale.

Engine: I feel the engine is good and it has many options....It is a 327 c.i. small block and has an automatic transmission…the kit gives the option of build a 327 (stock) or 409 (low-rider)…it gives you the choice to have a stock or aftermarket air cleaner. The aftermarket cleaner is also gives you a choice of manifolds. Both of these pieces are chrome-which can be good if you are going for a low-rider...the one thing that bothered me was a distributor with plugs in it but no I wired the engine. The engine is very accurate and detailed… Overall the engine is a solid 7/10

Interior: The interior is has an option for a low-rider (chain) or stock steering wheel....the seats are two piece and they are also easy to mask due to their flatness (accurate to the real car).... it comes with a "low-rider emblem plaque" and it also comes with the hydraulic switch box to further improve detail...the dash is very accurate...overall I would say its a good 7.5/10

Chassis/underbody: the exhaust is accurate and the underbody is very comes with two sets of wheels. One set it low-rider wire mesh wheels and the other is the stock wheels that come with the 64' impala SS...It comes with chrome such as the grilles and bumpers and trim on the hood. This kit also has pose-able you can get that hydraulic look easily (I did have some trouble in the fitting of the struts though) it has a little trouble fitting in the body...but is not a big deal...8/10

Other: The decals that come with this kit are great! It comes with “airbrush style” murals and also comes with decals for the stock impala… it has an open-able trunk (boot) that reveals amps, batteries, and chrome hydraulic pumps. I have found the chrome in the kit was very good…and had no bare spots. I did notice, however, that the instructions did not state what color to paint the body to match box.

Overall: this is a good kit and is pretty accurate...I found it fun to build and loved all the options. It was not the quality of most Tamiyas...but it was good for a Revell...Overall...I would rate it a 7.5/10
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