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Re: KIT REVIEWS....Look in here to see other modellers veiws on kits

i think the AMT oldsmoile 442 w-30 is a good kit good molding some flash here and there but overall a good kit many wayts to build it custom , street or stock. the chasis is nicely detailed and the engine bay and engine are very detailed. overall i would say its a good kit and should be a fun build for any modeler its also a skill level 2 the interior was sketchy no decals for the gauges and there was a lack of detail the decals for the exterior however set nice and looked good the mold lines werent too bad there were some towards the rear i had problems with the dashboard though because the molding was off plastic was were it shouldnt be the center console was gay and looked horrible i had to make one myself out of putty. the chrome parts were actually really nice it was good for an amt kit. the wheels were really messed up though if you tried to put the custom rims that they ave you in the custom tires you had to use alot of force and pressure and the kit had quite a few things that had to do with plumbing more than a normal kit such as a radiator house and air house and some transmission lines

the 69 oldsmobile w-30 442: when it was first intorduced in 1964 the olds 442 was essentially a police package that was made available to the public consisting of a four barrel carburetor a four speed manual transmission and dual exhaust the designation of a 442 was self descriptive actually the customer got alot more than a four barrel on his 330 cubic inch engine also included was a special camshaft, heavy-duty rods and main bearings heavy dutysuspension and speed rated tires were part of the chassis up-grade marking a total performance car. this characteristic was to be hallmark of all subsequent 442s so far as total performance muscle cars of the 60's the olds 442 was the best compsed all around performer money could buy off the showroom floor. not only could a 442 provide mind dazzling straight line aceleration it could find its way around twisty sections too.

in '69 the 442 got a styling change that is with us today the traditional body color divider in the center of the grille or two grilles instead of one. the 442 also came standard with a 400 cubic inch v-8 which developed 350 horspower in standard trim and 360 with the w-30 cold air package. the four speed was still with the package and of course the dual exhaust sustem played some lovely tunes in true automotive stereo. the high level suspension kept the four spcial tires planted on the road with front and rear anti roll bars havy duty springs and shocks road testers of the time acknoledged the 442 as the best all around performance car of the era and i agree
stats: starting price $ 3,141.00; number built in 69 26,357; wheel base 112' length 201.9; bas weight 3,502 lbs:
engine specs: 400cid; hp 350/360@3600rpm; torque 440foot/pounds;

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