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Re: Newly designed car paint stand

Originally Posted by willimo
Coincidence! Mine came in the mail today (8 day delivery from HLJ, is that a record? Do I get a prize?!) and I was going to post some pictures or something. No need. But it indeed seems very useful. A lot better than my Coke bottles. I espescially like the other half of the stand, the big disk with all the holes. That will be useful for both spraying tiny bits and final detailing of the entire car. Now I just need to build a spray booth and get my airbrush out... Spraycans will be overkill on this thing!
So u got urs at HLJ? Whut should i put in to search? I want to get one my self. Thanx

NOTE: NVM i found it on HLJ but its on back order... seems like u guys took em all...

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