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Re: Newly designed car paint stand

Originally Posted by chrismcgee
i think it looks great personaly but will probably be ages till they are here so i designed one myself.
I thought so, too, but I went ahead and pre-ordered one on HLJ kind of figuring it would come out the same time as the Xania Skyline and they would ship together. But it just came out and they shipped to to me at the end of last week, so in a few weeks I'll be able to tell ya'll how it is.

I really like your design, too, but I've found that for some reason I can never getting around to making tools like that no matter how much I mean to, so since Tamiya was selling one.... And I really got it half for the body stand, and half for that little stand in the background. It has clips to hold trees of small parts or other small parts that stick into the surface of the paint stand, so that you can spray the smaller parts. I have a terrible time painting small parts, so I thought that was a great idea. More about it when it comes, unless someone beats me to the punch.
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