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Re: Thinking about a used Lacrosse...thoughts?

- The car is a very nice smooth riding car.
- has a hint of luxury about them.
-lots of room in the interior and trunk isn't too bad either.
- looks nice


- (Mine at least) is terrible on gas. 2009 is what I have. My V6 F150 gets better gas mileage.
- lots to go wrong with the car (and has with mine.) Current unresolved issues because I don't want to pay to fix are (passenger air bag light is stuck on - was told this needs to be fixed if I want to ensure proper functionality., Also Traction control/ABS light goes on due to a reoccurring fault with the wiring - The wiring will rub and default within a year and every year.)
My passenger rear door lock does not open and close anymore (weak motor?)

-Changing the front light bulbs are challenging

This is coming from someone that loves buicks and I also love my Lacrosse but I would reconsider for next time due to my issues with this particular lemon.
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