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Unhappy 911!!!chrysler sebring P0300 code and valve sound!!!

Hey everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing good...
My friend has a 2004 sebring 3.0V6 with 105k...It has set for sometime(2mths) he started driving it again about a moth ago....His check engine light came on and asked me to help!!!! SOOO heres what I did
I pulled the code and found P0300 random multi misfire...
It was a pain but I changed the plugs and wires and the UPPER plenum gasket...
Started the car up and it did fine....until i drove it a few miles and found some problems!!! As I was pulling in to a parking lot the OIL LIGHT came on!!!
I added about a 1/2 a qrt....
The light went away!!!
I got on the high way and about 60mph the light came on again!!!!
I shut the engine down and started it back up and it was making a VALVE CLICKING sound but the light was gone.....I drove the car home about 40 or 45 the whole way and the light stayed off......

I made it home with no more problems but while I was setting in the drive way the check engine light came on (ONCE AGAIN CODE p0300) I THINK AS SOON AS I TURNED THE HEATER TO HIGH(At least that's when I noticed the light)

My friend says-It needs the oil changed....So that could be why Im hearing the sound but why did it start after driving it for a bit????But the oil light has me freaked out....Its only comes on at high speeds or fast take off???It idled for almost 45mins in the drive way and never had a single problem....

Also any ideas what I should check next on this code???????

Thanks God bless!!!!
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