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Re: 2001 aurora passenger locks windows mirror

Originally Posted by sidneydean View Post
have a 2001 olds aurora. the drivers side lock and window and mirror work fine. The locks and windows for all the passenger windows don't work, the passenger side mirror doesn't work, and the power driver seat doesn't work. where exactly do the tan/wht wires for the passenger doors tie in at. I can't remove the driver seat to check the wires because I can't slide the seat forward to get to the back bolts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Did have water on floor of rear and front drivers side, not sure where from, wondering if that corroded some wires.
I have the same car and had the exact same problem. The water you are finding has corroded a splice under the carpet just behind the driver's seat. This wiring is part of the serial bus that controls the electronic controls on the passenger side of the car. You will most likely need to remove both front seats to pull back the carpet and gain access to this splice. I believe the wire was orange.
If you re-splice the wire and heat shrink a good seal you will be fine.
Now for the water - It is most likely coming from a body joint at the "B" pillar. The joint cracks and leaks. A very simple fix is to drill a 1/4" hole from the under side of the car, in the floor pan in front and in back and let the water drain out. Use a portable battery powered drill or pneumatic drill. You may also want to check the spare tire, guaranteed it is floating in water. Pull the tire and drill drain holes in the tire compartment. There are "knockouts" in the floor and trunk pan that are perfect spots to drill your holes. Repair of an interior leak will be very difficult unless you pull the interior panels and headliner. It's easier to re-direct the water out of the car.
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