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There are a lot of places in MD. but none are too big.

We have 3 spots around here in forestville but 1 is down until probably spring. 1 is on penn ave right before the DC line(old muscle cars). the other is on penn ave going south right before the woodyard road ramp(motorcycles). then there is central ave right next to 301 on the south side. RT 1 in beltsville, i've seen them meet but never race. i went out to northern parkway last saturday right when the cops came. everyone went to home depot on rt 40 and set up races and then road out to rt 70 park and ride. the people that did race had some fast cars. i've heard about people racing out by waldorf, never seen it though.

for all the people who used to race at metro, you all gave up to easy. back like 15 years ago when my brother raced, garden city drive wasn't the main strip. the main strip was on MLK right by the rt 50 bridge. for anyone that can see it in there heads, there is at least 3 lanes on each side of the highway at this particular section, each side of the high way has wide shoulders good for parking, and for the scared people, there is parking in the businesses on both sides of MLK with clear view of the street. there is no traffic around racing times either. and ways out? there are 4 ways onto rt 50, there is MLK itself and forbes blvd is close, wittfield chapel rd is close, and you can weave through the business parking lots to get out. there is more ways out of MLK than there was on Garden City Dr. Its better, more space to race and park, safer because the highway is divided unlike on garden city, 1 person had to be on the wrong side and it will take a lot more cops to block off MLK than it did on garden city drive. last thing, if you are a racer, you should have a car that is somewhat quick/fast... if not why are you racing? the point is, you know there are going to be a lot of slow cars there so if the cops come, who gets caught first?
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