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Re: '97 Olds Achieva Passlock Issues

Originally Posted by Tech II View Post
Well first, I don't believe the '97 Achieva uses a BCM, it uses the IPC......

In the past, I have repaired these systems 3 ways.....

Replace the PassLock sensor.....

Install a resistor......

Install a toggle switch......the easiest cut the yellow wire to the lock cylinder and install a toggle switch(place the switch in an easily accessible spot......close relearn starts and the THEFT LIGHT GOES OUT......NOW OPEN THE TOGGLE SWITCH, with the engine still running.....the THEFT light will come back on, but the engine will continue to shut the vehicle off.......restart will start and run, but the THEFT LIGHT WILL REMAIN ON......that is the price of installing a toggle switch.......this is like a backup mode.......if you have the wrong resistance at startup, the car will not start......but if the car starts, and runs, and then loses the resistance reading, it goes into a back up mode, and will continues to restart, with a Security codes set.....however, if the code is cleared, OR, if the battery dies or is disconnected, this resets the code and it is no longer in backup if you try to start the vehicle, and the R code is wrong it will not, let's say, for some reason, you have to disconnect the battery, chances are it will not you close the toggle switch, do the relearn procedure, the car will then start, the Theft light will go out....with CAR STILL RUNNING, you open the toggle continues to run, Theft light comes back on, but the car will restart, because you are in backup mode again....
Right on man! Thanks for your response. I will install the toggle. I have cut the wire while running and it has started every time since, but thanks to your post I now understand the reason for the toggle. The close the circuit for a relearn in the it!
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