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Re: head gasket - service engine light

Originally Posted by kimsam317 View Post
I just bought a 1994 s-10. I found out it needed the head gasket replaced, so I had that done. I picked it up last night, and found that when I'm going at speeds over 55 mph, the service engine soon light comes on. When I let off the gas and slow down, the light goes off. The engine soudns fine, and the service engine light has never been on before in the month that I've had the truck. The oil and coolant levels are good. There is no hesitation when going at higher speeds. The only problem is that the light comes on. Any input would be appreciated!

we had a 1994 s10 PU v6 vin Z 4X4.

the engine /TBI was a good runner. did use a little more fuel than we expected.

what do you have in this S10 you have ?

I will guess its the O2 sensor
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