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Question 2005 Solara Battery Replacement Tips...

I am about to replace the battery in a 2005 Toyota Solara 4cyl.

Wondering if there is anything I should know before disconnecting the original ?

1) If I am able to reconnect to the original battery within two to five minutes, will any settings be lost ?

2) Will I need to have the dealer reprogram the key fobs ?

3) Will the security system need anything to resume working ?

4) Will the windows and sunroof need resetting ?

5) Will the radio still work or will it be locked out ?

6) Will the daytime running lamps still work properly ?

Just that I've heard about too many horror stories over something as simple as a battery replacement. There are a small handful found when searching this section of the forum; however they never seem to mention what year their vehicle is. Well aware of the basics like baking soda, cleaning the contact surfaces, etcetera.

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