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Re: walked 'em

Originally Posted by 95whitehb
well, when ppl see a girl in a slammed civic hatch, its either really cool or they laugh, right? lol - well; two ppl that have laughed at me: a dude w/a JDM CTR motor in a EK and a guy in a newer BMW M3... i would like to proudly like to say, i walked them both ha jus got ripped a new asshole by a girl what made my day was that, i was on my stock tires b/c my falken's have tha threads showin and i hadn't had my tack installed yet. props to my jdm itr motor lovin it.

what have you walked ???
Nice kills! It's a great feeling walkin' guys when they don't know what you have....i haven't walked anyone yet, i plan on it tho...there's a guy with a v6 stang that keeps talking shit all the time...and all he has done is headers/exhaust....once i get my baby into "i can kick your ass" status we are going to take a little run and see who can talk trash then what do u have done to the ITR?? keep it up!
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