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Originally posted by 94civic
a good beginner turbo kit out is the greddy kit and theat goes for around $1,600, butn this kit doesn't really produce a lot of boost. your car can be as reliable as you want just as long as you check everything and see if anything is wrong or not working and for the maitnence part well if you are choosing turbo then i don't think that there is a way to get around the maitnence part.
Acutally, the Greddy kit can produce enough boost to wipe your engine out completely. Any turbo can do that. Tell him about the differences between the Greddy and other kits.
1. The Greddy is smaller and spools up faster (provides boost faster).
2. The larger turbos spool later, but net bigger power gains in the top end.
3. Less engine mods have to be done to support the Greddy kit compared to the large turbos.
4. The Greddy is considerably less than almost every turbo kit on the market right now.
5. You can get almost everything the FMAX kit offers with their turbo for the Greddy, plus exhaust and gauges and save over $400.

Hope that helps you out.
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