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I want to build one or more (different) lightweight caravans to place behind my collection of miniature 2cv's. Because I can't find pre-fabricated model caravans (what's the right word for this?) I want to scratch-build them. Offcourse I need information for this, so is there anyone who can find some blueprints of the following caravans for me?
A Sleeper

and/or a Eis Picolo or Aliette (propably these two are exactly the same)

and/or a Dübener Ei (Also called 'Dubener Ei' or 'Duebener Ei')

and/or a Eriba Puck Export from 1965

and/or a caravan witch I dont know yet (who knows what kind of caravan this is so I can search better)

Sorry if the pictures are messing up the lay-out, I really don't know how to resize them without having to put them on private webspace (witch I don't have)

I already searched the internet, but I couldn't find enoug info. Can somebody help me? By the way, I am especially looking for the correct size of the wheels (size of the wheel hub and size of the tyre) of the 'Dübener Ei'. If you know more/different caravans wich can be towed by a 2cv (maximum weight 400 kilo's, including bagage), please let me know!

By the way, yesterday I heard that you can't buy seperate wheels anymore becouse they were produced in eastern europe, behind the 'Iron Curtain'. As the 'Iron Curtain' went to the scrapyard so to say ( ) the production of model-car wheels witch you can buy seperately is stopped. Is this story true ? Do I really need to buy a complete model car just for the weels if I need them ?

Sorry if the pictures are messing up the lay out, I don't know how to resize them without having to put them on some private webspace (witch I don't have).
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