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Re: Air Compressors?

There is no such thing as a "5-horsepower, 110 volt" air compressor. It is not possible with ordinary house or small-business wiring.

As said, a standard 110--120 volt circuit can support about two horsepower.
Maybe less. There's mathematical formulas for converting electric power into horsepower.

Lots of air compressor manufacturers got into trouble by advertising crazy horsepower specs. Same as shop vac manufacturers who claimed "6 horsepower" motors that were the size of a small grapefruit.

You can buy a million different brands of small air compressors that CLAIM to be able to power "real" air tools. Most of them are flat-out lying, because they will not keep up with the air demands of ordinary air tools. You'll have to stop and let the compressor catch-up.

You want an air compressor to use with automotive air tools? Real compressors START at 5 horsepower, 240 volts, and 60 gallon tanks. I had one of those. Poor thing ran continuously when I was using my die-grinder, but put out enough pressure to be useful. After a few years, I moved up to 5 horsepower, 240 volts, TWO STAGE, 80 gallon tank. That guy runs any one air tool I own, as long as I want to run it. If I wanted to run two tools at would probably not be big enough.

For fukk sakes, do NOT buy an "oilless" or "oil-free" compressor. They'll make you barking insane from all the noise they make. The ONLY good thing about them is that during their short and noisy life-span, they don't put any oil into the air that can contaminate the paint you're spraying.
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