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Re: Car and Driver Sucks

I agree car and driver does suck, they simply aren't professional. In any given comparison test they'll have at least one vehicle that has a signficantly different options package than the others. Be it one will have a premium the rest will have minimum, occasionally it'll even put base engine cars against top of the line engine cars. Sure there might be a blurb about it in the article - but this simply shouldn't occur.
Take the recent Ford Fusion, Mazda 6, Honda Accord comparison. The Honda was a premium, the Mazda and Ford were base - which the article was supposed to be about. The Honda won the comparison because it had "better interior models and better acceleration" both of which were attributable to the SEL package vs. the LX - how can a professional magazine actually publish that article?
Now first of all I don't believe for a second a base Honda Accord couldn't be found. However if they were truly professional they'd have dropped the Honda from the comparison. Many readers pointed this out in the comments section - and guess what happened, the comments section was removed from the article.
I'm not going to be simple and let it go with well they tried, without a doubt C&D is pandering to one of their biggest advertisers - Honda. I've had a Honda since 1985 and am very happy with it. However I have driven the Honda Accord LX, and personnally while it's a good car, it certianly wouldn't rate as well as the top of the line 4 cycl accord.
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