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Re: Power inverter,12V power socket, What is going on?

Originally Posted by hockeyshot20k View Post
Isnt this what I am doing all ready? The inverter is hooked straight to the battery by using the #10 AWG and run into the front passenger seat. I got dc power due to the inverter on the laptop cable so dont I still have the DC issue?. To me that sounds like I already have it set up ur way unless I am skipping something in my understanding
The inverter takes low volts/high amps and converts it to high volts/low amps. Transmitting power at low amperage is easy. Transmitting 12v and 20A 6 feet to the passenger compartment requires big heavy cable. Putting the inverter near the battery means you only need a couple feet of heavy cable and then a cheap $5 extension cord to the passenger compartment.
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