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Re: Power inverter,12V power socket, What is going on?

Can I remove the inline fuse since the inverter has a built in fuse? I checked my car out yesterday, and I had a 25amp fuse for the inline fuse, and that sent to many amps to the inverter which caused the built in fuse for the inverter to blow. I believe the fuse at the tip of the inverter plug was a 10A fuse. I believe there is two fuses in the inverter. One at the tip of the plug that plugs into the power socket, and another one that is inside the inverter itself. So I should be protected with anything that I plug into the inverter. I used #10 AWG for the positive and negative wires that run from the battery to the power socket which is the exact same gauge wire that the jumper cables that came with the inverter. The #10 AWG is about 1.5-2ft max longer then the the jumper cable; not a big difference as I thought it would be. I cant get the power cord for the laptop in time for my trip this week, and i havent seen any stores near me who sell the power cord. Thats why I wanted to see if I could remove the inline fuse temporary since the inverter has a built in inline fuse. Thanks
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