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Re: Homework

1a. Do you currently own a Shelby Automobile? If yes, what model?

Yes, a restored 86 Shelby GLHS Omni and a low mile 89 CSX-VNT Shadow

1b. What models have you owned in the past?

Just the two numbered cars but have owned about 10 Dodge vehicles that bore his name but didn't come from his factory

1c. How often do you drive Shelby Automobiles?

5-10 times a month.

1d. How often do you buy Shelby Automobiles?

Haven't bought one in a couple years.

2a. Do you currently own any other Shelby merchandise?
(Apparel, Upgrade Components, toys, etc.)

Yes, hat's, t-shirts, advertising pieces, etc.

2a. What do you enjoy most about Shelby Products?
(cars or merchandise)

The cars.

2b. What do you enjoy least about Shelby Products?
(cars or merchandise)


2c. What drew you to Shelby Products versus a competitor?
(cars or merchandise)

A good friend got me into the Shelby Dodge products.

3a. Do you feel that the current visual style of Shelby Products accurately represents the classic Shelby history?
(Yes or No)


3b. Do you feel an emotional connection to current Shelby Products?
(Yes or No)


4a. If you could change anything, good or bad, about Shelby Products, what would you change and why?


4b. If comfortable listing your age and education level, please do.

26 years old high school drop out.
1999 Ford F250 XLT X-cab short bed 4x4 Powerstroke auto
2000 Ford Excursion Limited 4x4 Powerstroke auto
1989 Shelby CSX-VNT #339 of 500 all original with Recaros
1986 Shelby GLHS #284 of 500 restored to original
1965 Ford Mustang 289 V8 pony interior 4brl carb
Cars sold or parted out in a 3 month period,
2-85 GLHT's, 2-88 Shelby Z's, 87 Shelby Z, 88 Lancer Shelby, 2 85 Shelby Chargers, 89 Shelby Daytona
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