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So basically I'm pretending to re-brand Shelby Automobiles Inc. for a design school project and wanted to get some feedback from actual Shelby car owners.
(my opinions only go so far because, while parking Shelby cars as a valet is fun as hell, it's still not quite the same as owning)
If anyone wants to play I would be your best friend not to mention your help would ensure me a good grade and then I would graduate and possibly one day afford... well maybe not.
Anyway, I've listed a few questions looking to tap into that myth that Carroll produces. For the sake of these questions I'm counting everything he's had a hand in producing. From Vipers to Dakotas, Tigers and new mustangs, it's all good.
Thanks for any help you can give.

1a. Do you currently own a Shelby Automobile? If yes, what model?

1b. What models have you owned in the past?

1c. How often do you drive Shelby Automobiles?

1d. How often do you buy Shelby Automobiles?

2a. Do you currently own any other Shelby merchandise?
(Apparel, Upgrade Components, toys, etc.)

2a. What do you enjoy most about Shelby Products?
(cars or merchandise)

2b. What do you enjoy least about Shelby Products?
(cars or merchandise)

2c. What drew you to Shelby Products versus a competitor?
(cars or merchandise)

3a. Do you feel that the current visual style of Shelby Products accurately represents the classic Shelby history?
(Yes or No)

3b. Do you feel an emotional connection to current Shelby Products?
(Yes or No)

4a. If you could change anything, good or bad, about Shelby Products, what would you change and why?

4b. If comfortable listing your age and education level, please do.
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