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Re: Drag strip racers, anyone??

Yeah I've been a member to this forum forever (it seems like) and don't get me wrong i love it here, but I haven't been on this forum in forever due to the fact that there are same topics and no new posting.

I am a female who takes my car out to the tracks all the time (a little more then i really should, it's becoming my life) I spend all my time racing and when I'm not racing, I am working on my car getting it ready for the next race...if someone who wasn't as dedicated as I was were to look at my life they would say it's boring, but i love it!

anyways, you should check out my forum that me and my girls have (it's an all girls forum with those few guys) and even though it's a little slow now, it does pick up and become interesting. check it out at hope to see you there
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