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ESS Supercharger


I have set up a group buy for E.S.S. supercharger kits. (I am not associated with either ESS or KO Performance or any other vendor or suppier. I started a group buy on my own to save myself and others, planning to buy a kit soon, some money) The kits will be sold through KO Performance. This is a well known BMW distributor with excellent customer service.


Here are the details:

1-3 kits sold = 5% off retail

4-6 kits sold= 7.25% off retail

7+ kits sold = 11% off retail

Shipping will be $90.00 to anywhere in the United States.

KO wants to provide the best deals they can for this group buy. KO can offer the kits at a discount to those who choose to pay by check or MO, because they will not incur credit card fees for those customers.Those who want benefits of the ease of credit card use, are welcome, but KO needs to make certain margins on the sales, and with the use of credit cards, those margins are not worthwhile at the pricing structure they can provide bottom line to those who pay with check or MO.

There will be no convenience charge if only 1-3 kits are sold.
If 4+ kits are sold, those who choose to pay via credit card, will be required to pay a $60.00 convenience charge. KO is willing to do half and half for no fee(half pay via MO or check, half pay via credit card)

When you have committed, you should notify KO, and myself of your commital to the group buy, and which kit you want. You should indicate which payment methond you wish to use, and KO will email you to request a deposit on your purchase of $300.00 until the group buy is over. Those who want to pay via credit card, will be charged via credit card for the deposit, those who wish to pay via check or money order, can send it to the address KO will provide you in the return email to those ready to commit.

The group buy will be active until Friday March 8, 2002. If we get 7+ people committed before then, KO can ship each persons kit as each persons money clears the bank, without having to wait for the closing date.

Information and available BMW applications can be found here:

Article on a E46 328 ESS install


call KO Performance at 305-502-4403

My special email address to use:

Please email KO or myself on any questions you may have regarding this group buy. Thanks, Jeff Gigliotti

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