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Re: Please read before posting...

Just a few thoughts on what the moderator had to say about this forum running around in circles.

I personally think that by segregating female racers to a forum of their own is cause enough for the forum itself to stick out as a sore thumb. This therefore attracts guys like flies, and talk turns to girls VS guys, go girls! and props to girls. What is it that female racers do differently? They like cars, they like them fast, and serveral of them have knowledge about tuning. That makes them probably no different from their male counterpart racers, hence they could easily have done with being part of regular forums.

I spend my time in the Eclipse/Talon/Laser forum, where we get a few girls now and then who have technical questions...the sex thing does come around, but not with the intensity I have seen here. Their queries are answered without trouble and nobody goes crazy.

The last thing I wasnt to do is pass off as some clown trying to have the girls' forum closed down, or anything of the nature, and it is none of my businessm but the reality of the matter is that the ratio of "nonsense gossip" to "car talk" is severely disproportionate, and this forum serves as more of a "lets-go-oogle-at-the-chicks-for-a-bit" spot instead of a techincal forum.

Just my

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