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Please read before posting...

Over the past few weeks, i've noticed this forum running around in circles.

The topic of "girls and racing" has come up numerous times with people on both sides. This is a topic that comes down solely to ones opinion and only that. Of course everyone is free to open threads as they please, but lets try to come up with new ideas to keep these forums fresh and popular.

Also, it seems to be mostly males doing this, so i'll direct this to them. I understand that you may see a thread like "I give all you girl racers props" as an innocent thread, but what does this have to do with automobiles? This goes directly back to the whole sex issue, where else on these boards do you see "i give all you guys props...etc..."

These boards are here for our female members to discuss cars and their interest in them. For them to post up stories about their races etc...Lets get these boards back on track.

I'll leave this open to any discuss/ideas.
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