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Talking Yugo here,Yugo there, Yugo Everywhere

Hello My Fellow Aurora Drivers;

Thought I give us all a break and a laugh from our fun experiences and deficit spending on our American Breast the Aurora.

After spending $ 1800 for that famous speed sensor and TCM on the transmission took my car for a shake down in California’s Central Valley in 100 degree plus heat.

Off Highway 33 near Los Banos in an irrigation, ditch like a great ship sinking by the bow and its stern high in the air was a Red Yugo.
Going down for the last time to Davey Jones Locker either that or washing out in Fresno.

What a fitting end for a car with out a country.
When I posted the story on this forum under Yugo. They came back saying Yugo Today, Yugo Tomorrow, Yugo Forever. Right in their dreams

I hope that our Olds may never end up in an Irrigation ditch unless its one of those shady insurance frauds. However, we can count on parts from GMC, good sellers on Ebay and help from each other on this forum to keep us “driving along in my Oldsmobile".

From Califoirnia, land of third world road conditions, gas at $ 2.25 per gallon and our Governator herr "Arnold"
"Driving Along in My Oldsmobile"
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