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Re: Best Sound Proofing Material?

yeah, I agree with everything Silver said pretty much

The doors are normally the biggest problem area, and depending on how much bass you have the trunk lid (I'm not an suv person, don't know what to call it, haha) can rattle pretty badly. Seal up the doors first and foremost, I would do atleast 2 layers if you want to get the most out of your speakers. Doing the trunk and floor (guess it's all pretty much one thing in a cherokee) can really help eliminate road noise and keep it quieter inside, this is especially helpful if you have a loud exhaust or loud tires. Doing the roof will cut back on how loud rain is, it can also get rid of a bit of wind noise.

The amount you do depends on your budget and how quiet you want it to be, I would definately do atleast a layer on the door skin and 2 layers on the door panel to start out with. I forgot which sub(s) you're getting, but I think I remember they're pretty large, so the trunk lid is probably a good idea as well. After that it's just up to you. I would start out with 50sqft and see how far it gets you.
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