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95 Mustang Convertible Overheated won't start

I have a 95 Mustang Convertible it is not a 5.0 I was running the AC yesterday but it was hot enough in Nevada that I pulled over to take the top down (the AC and car were both still running), I took off from there and not even five minutes latter I heard a rattling in front when I pushed on the gas (almost like rocks in the wheel, which is what I thought it was at first due to stopping at a gravel pit to take the top down). It stopped rattling when I let off gas and would start again if I pushed on it. I noticed my temperature gauge would hit the red when I pushed on gas and would drop back a bit when I let off the gas so I pulled over. The engine started steaming when I shut the car off so I popped the hood and it looked like it might be coming from the left side (passengers side) of the car. I let it cool off but had my hazards on which drained the battery. When I went to put water in it (there was coolant showing outside the motor) the reservoir was completely full to the top with coolant. I had replaced the thermostat last winter but took it out to see if it may be bad and put some water in the car which had to be jumped. The car will not turn over now it cranks like its about to but will not turn over. I am at a loss. There is no oil in the water or vice versa so I don't think the head gasket blew, but do not know if it is the ac and if it would cause it not to start or if water could have gotten into something that caused this problem. I had to leave the car on the side of the road and get a ride 30 miles to the closest town from a truck driver ( I am a woman so this was a bit scary) I had the car towed home but cannot afford to have it put in a shop so need to do this myself. Any idea why it will not start?
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