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Talking Strange question RE: Blown Head Gasket

Hello Everyone,
So I apparently suffered a blown head gasket on my 2000 Buick Century, (which has turned my world upside down, transportation-wise) and according to the mechanic, there is a slight spectrum for a blown head gaskets with minor ones at one end of the spectrum, and major ones at the other end of the spectrum, (whereas things are cracked, or have gotten fused and seized, etc.)
I luckily have had a minor one, whereas yes the coolant and oil have mixed and created like a white milky meringue, however the car does start and does drive short distances without much problems.
That nightmare aside, the state of California has a clunker buyback program to get old cars off the road and I basically fit the criteria. The part of the qualifying criteria that I am concerned about is that the car has to drive 10 yards under my its own power. Also, it takes about 30 days (give or take) once you apply to be sent a certificate of approval from the state, that you in turn take to a reclaimer, In order to get your money.

So my strange question for everyone is: Assuming that all goes well with getting approved for the program - Do you think its feasible for me to have the car towed to just outside the reclaimers site (in about 30 days) And then drive it across the finish line (so to speak)??
Part of my question I guess is, is the clock ticking? The car starts now fine but is that going to be the case in a few weeks? Is there anything I should or should not be doing to preserve the car in its current state? (Like starting it periodically?) is there something I should know about blown head gaskets that Im not factoring into the equation? I mean is that coolant and oil mixture going to solidify and become some kind of like unforeseen nightmare down the road?? am I nave in thinking that everything is going to be fine in 30 days??

I am not very mechanically inclined, nor do I know anything about cars really and so any input and or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance for your time !!!
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