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Always liked Vega's turned into track cars. I'd give a kidney to get the RW down to 2950 in my pig..... but then again it's not really what anyone would call a race car.... just a qwik grocery getter

Sounds like your car would be a blast to drive.... how does it act on the top through the traps? Seems like mine is forever dancing through the lights and after I've lifted even w/the 28's.

Thinking about going w/a stalled/braked T350 as the pewter pig doesn't see a whole lot of street time these days. Love rowing the gears but am shooting for a high 1.30/ low 1.40 60' and a bit more consistency off the tree.

Prolly need to do a higher gear on the hose w/a big converter? Thinking the small cubes is gonna run out of breath at about the 1000' mark on a 6900 rpm limiter?

How big a stall are you running, and at what rpm through the lights?
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