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Angry Scp---

I've been with SCP since spring and haven't bought anything from them yet. I don't see the point of buying anything from them when I can get it cheaper from larger retail internet shops. I thought that by having a sponsor, we are supposed to get things cheaper and faster because we are product advertising on wheels. We will stand by the name brands we put on our cars for competitions. That's pretty good for any company when they have actual customers out their pushing their gear. If you ask me, those who put their cars on the sponsorship block should get paid every month for fronting any "Brand Name" gear on their ride. And these drivers that make their car look that good so the Brand Names make money should be given the newset and greatest parts for the competition line. Getting sponsored should be like getting a job. You should work hard to get your car in the best competition quality it can be in. And your sponsorship should be your employer with a paycheck every month and a vehicle budget every year. You should be so lucky as to win a regional competition. But to blow away a ton of wanna-be's in the state with your tricked out, fully sponsored low rider. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!! Just show me where to sign up, if it were only that way today. But it isn't. It's the way it is. I would love to go to bat for these brand name companies. But for now, I'm caught in this SCP merry-go-round.

Yo, if you wanna get sponsored, look at your local shops. They will gladly sponsor you especially if you have a plan that you can impress them with. Just call the owner for a meeting and see what he/she says. You could get a full sponsorship, or maybe just tires. Just keep on asking more shops, their bound to get you something for your rolling billboard. It's the cheapest form of advertising that any shop could afford. Good luck yo.
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