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Question DME Access with a laptop

Has anybody succesfully connected a laptop to the DME to a E36 managment unit?

basically, I've got my hands on a libretto 50 tiny PC, and I'm looking at integrating it into my dashboard to give me some more information. No real reason as to why, other than it is cute.

On the Data link connector (20 pin version)

There are three pins which will be of interest
Pin 15 - RXD Diagnostic Data link
Pin 19 - GND
Pin 20 - TXD Diagnostic Data link

The big question I have, is this run at standard 9141 speed of 10400 baud (or some strange version) or is it run a more appropriate pc speed.

Also is the voltage on it compatiable with a standard RS232 port, via an optoisolator of course.


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