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Review car 2015 : Top 10 cars from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show
Top 10 High-Tech Cars At The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show
Japan is a country steeped in ancient tradition, but it’s also one of the most forward-looking, tech-obsessed societies on the planet. We see this in the country’s towering cityscapes, advanced mass-transit system and ubiquitous personal electronics. We also see it in Japan’s auto industry, which is quickly embracing the concepts of autonomous technology and electric drivetrains. Both of these themes dominated the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, where nearly every automaker showed off some form of self-driving car or alternative energy powertain (often both in the same vehicle).

After racing around Tokyo’s “Big Sight” exhibition center during numerous global unveils we caught a glimpse of every new model at the show. Now we’ve collected 10 of the most advanced and future-oriented vehicles on display. Most of these vehicles are concept cars that may or may not see the light of dealer showrooms in the next few years, while all of them serve as proof that personal transportation is in the midst of its biggest upheaval since the horse was made obsolete over 100 years ago.
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