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Re: Help please calipers

I cant help with info on the brakes, but it sounds like you have ABS brakes. You might want to get the Bentley pub co. manual for the 240s. I would advise beginning to soak the brake bleeders with penetrating oil, so they have been soaked for a few days before you try to unscrew them. Be sure to only use a 6 point wrench when loosening bleeder screws.
For the fuse box - on our 1988 240 its next to the front door hinge pillar beside the drivers left foot. Its behind an access panel. Volvo fuses of the type used in our 88 (the common German type since the early 60s) were a problem. I fixed several intermittent problems by removing fuses, scraping the holders clean, and putting in new un-corroded fuses.
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