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Re: Thinking about buying a 92 Festiva

If you go to and slide down the left hand side of the opening page, you can look at the typical mileage reported by users, along with the EPA figures, and the 'updated' EPA figures.
My experience with Fords is limited, but I find them to be nicely reliable - if you do some real maintenance (also known as pre-emptive repair). I dont consider just doing oil changes is enough, once a car passes its first 100,000 miles. I try to figure out what will wear out or quit running next, and replace it while its still doing well. I much prefer doing the work in my driveway, to having to tow the car or get it towed someplace for work.
We have a 92 Escort with auto tranny that gets us 37.8 mpg on the highway. I rebuilt its engine and transmission, along with doing brake work. The work was easy. The next thing I will probably replace is the fuel pump and filter; just because they have over 200,000 miles on them now. We drive into places in Mexico where I wouldnt want to break down - (auto parts in Mexico cost a good bit more than they would in the U.S., as does getting your car towed anywhere). So I also carry an extra PCM and igniter along with my tools.
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