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geofroley, i think i just busted a nut lookin at your sig

but anyways, man if you dont like it so much, dont play it , dont talk about it, dont post in this forum.

i like it for its customizing aspect of it. i'm tired of people sayin its a ricer game and all this other bullshit. its totally up to the idiots who fugly up their car, not the game fault. i for one make badass cars and i'll postp ics to prove it if needed. and i know how to tune them right too also, which last time i checked, isnt ricey. besides, this game is a good way to tide me over until GT4 comes, which i'm gonna die if they push back the release date. stop riding on the anti-rice bandwagon and just have fun, which you have to admit this game has alot of it.
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