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How to extend the lifetime of your tyres

For some reason, wear marks may appear on the center of the tire. This may be determined by over-inflation of the tire.

Another common cause is the inadequacy between the tire and the rim (for example, a narrow rim width).

Vehicles that have rear-wheel drive have the load-bearing capacity on the rear wheels.

When the center of the treadmill is worn faster than shoulders, the tire lifetime will be affected by the decrease in cutting resistance. This also has an impact on the level of comfort.
The worst thing that can happen is a sudden explosion when contact with foreign bodies occurs, the degree of safety will decrease drastically.

Useful advice from industry professionals

Continue to deflate the tire. Preferably, use a manometer to deflate the tire to the pressure level indicated in the manufacturer's manual.

Another problem that may arise is the heavy wear of the tire shoulder on one side and it is caused by inadequate wheel alignment. Therefore, it is necessary to revise the suspension.
If you notice visible traces of tire wear on the inside and outside, the cause may be overloading the vehicle (tires inflated too little). Avoid heavy loads for fuel consumption!

: Practice a cautious drive without braking or accelerating abruptly.

Uneven tread wear can occur due to advanced degradation bearings, poor wheel balancing, ABS system failure, not centered wheels, etc.

To avoid uneven tread wear, the tire balancing and steering alignment measures, as well as the steering system, are countered.

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