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Suggestions on Tires?

Hello Everyone, glad to be here. I have a question hoping I can get some suggestions on Tires. Here's the story:

I just got a 2014 Highlander FWD. I noticed the tires were showing the beginning signs of dry rot, and I was able to convince them (Them being CarMax) to replace the front tires (the worst ones) for free. I was unable to negotiate the back ones unfortunately and even after a 2nd unbiased opinion I was told the back tires were still ok for another year or so.
Here's my issue: The tires on the car currently are Michelin. My last car was an X5 I had it 12 years, the first two sets of tires I had were Michelin and both times I experienced dry rot before the tread was worn down any significant amount (EXACTLY why I specifically checked these tires) I live in Vegas I don't know if it's the heat or what but this is a problem I've heard from others with Michelin in particular. I don't want mismatched tires; so if I get only 2 I'm stuck buying another 2 for the rear and spending $500 bucks for Michelin overpriced prematurely dry rotting tires either now or a year from now.
I'm leaning towards getting a different brand Tire and paying out of pocket for the rear now; this way I get better tires, get 2 for free and forget about it for the next few years.
Last time around on my BMW I chose Sumitomo and I felt good about those; but I have to go to discount tire (contracted with CarMax) and they don't carry them.

All that to say can anyone recomend tires for a 2014 FWD Highlander that are a brand available at Discount Tire good for hot dry climates?
I'm obviously a woman, thus the long story.
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